International Fiberglass S.A. has taken over the air pollution control processes engineering activities from Donau Carbon GmbH, former Lurgi Aktivkohle GmbH. The name of the new organisation in charge of air pollution control processes is Carbon Process & Plant Engineering S.A. (CPPE) and the company is located in Luxembourg.

CPPE is a specialist technology provider of air pollution control processes (turn-key plants) for the removal of sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxides. CPPE is engineering several air pollution control processes amongst them the Kombisorbon® and Sulfacid® process, which may perfectly suit your needs. Our air pollution control processes are already in use at major companies all around the world. We have more than 3.500 referenced applications.


Metallgesellschaft AG built Europe's first activated carbon production plant; Lurgi was marketing both activated carbon products as well as its application technology. Metallgesellschaft covers first industrial activated coal applications under the trade name of Lurgi.

First Sulfacid® unit


First Kombisorbon® unit. The Kombisorbon® process allows the removal of mercury, dioxins, and furans from industrial flue gases.

Lurgi Aktivkohle GmbH was established as a subsidiary of Lurgi and a reactivation facility for activated carbon was added.


VermoPlast GmbH was founded in Bitburg, Germany

Lurgi Aktivkohle GmbH was taken over by Donau Chemie AG in Vienna, which renamed the company Donau Carbon GmbH & Co. KG.


The plant engineering division was sold to our group of companies. The new company name was CPPE Carbon Process & Plant Engineering GmbH, located in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

CPPE demonstrates removal of CO2 in a catalytic pathway.


The activities of CPPE GmbH, Germany, were assumed by CPPE S.A., located in Luxembourg.

The patent application for CO2/SO2 removal process was published (WO2011/138425 A1).


The patent application for CO2/NOx removal process was filed and published in 2013 (WO 2013/072257 A1)

New Sulfacid® application for acid leaching