pilot plant for co2 removal process

The pilot plant for CO2 removal based on patents WO 2011/138425 A1 and WO 2013/072257 A1 mainly consists of following parts:

  • Raw gas inlet.
    Can be used with gas temperatures up to well above 100°C.
  • A fabric filter is installed before the first reactor and retains dust particles in the off-gas.
  • One adsorber reactor
  • The quench is followed by a demister.
  • One adsorber reactor
  • One water tap connected with an ordinary flexible tube for fresh water supply (1 bar pressure gauge) as well as a sprinkling pump.
  • One buffer tank for the produced nitric or sulfuric acid
  • One blower
  • The clean gas is released into the environment by a vertically positioned duct next to the plant.
  • Measuring devices (inlet/outlet) for NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, dust, as well as temperature, pressure, pressure difference, flow rate, and acid concentration
  • Electric control cabinet for control, operation and monitoring instruments