Recent Projects / SULFACID®

2017 - 2019

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

In 2017, CPPE entered into an agreement with Symrise, a global producer of flavours and fragrances, for a SULFACID® process...

El Teniente, Chile

In 2016, Codelco awarded CPPE the contract for engineering design and specification, manufacture and supply of specialised equipment components...

2016 - 2019
2016 – 2019

Safi, Morocco

In 2016, CPPE entered into a new contract with Morocco’s OCP Group, one of the world’s leading fertilizer producers, for the engineering, design, manufacture and supply of specialised equipment components...

Jorf Lasfar, Morocco

CPPE’s first contract with OCP Group was in 2012, for the design, engineering and construction of a SULFACID® gas treatment plant in Jorf Lasfar, Morroco...

2012 – 2014 (Installation 01ZSUL)
2014 – 2016 (Installation 01YSUL)
2011 – 2014

Pirdop, Bulgaria

After signing the contract in 2011, CPPE delivered and supervised the installation of an Off Gas Treatment Plant to remove dust, heavy metals and sulphur dioxide by its SULFACID® technology...